Minutes of a Meeting of the Full Parish Council
Monday 1st October 2001 at 7.30pm at Community Centre. Bury Road Brandon

Present: Cllr A P Saxby (Chairman), Cllr Mrs J A Ahern (Vice-Chairman), Cllr E V Ashley, Cllr P S Baldwin, Cllr Ms J S Bourton, Cllr Mrs S Jones-Weetman, Cllr Mrs S Jureko, Cllr R Silvester, Cllr N A Vant, and Cllr B Weetman.

Also Present: Miss C Rawlings (Parish Clerk); Insp. N Bennett; members of the Public.

1. Apologies
Sq Ldr Turner, Cllr Mrs E Miner, Cllr Mrs S Hufton, Cllr A Thorne & Cllr S Edwards.

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Report from RAF Lakenheath

4. Report from Suffolk Police
Criminal damage is a major concern, police have made a number of arrests. The police also explained that they were involved in an anti-social behaviour group with FHDC. Cllr Ashley informed the police about an incident involving damage to a digger and chain link fence on the industrial estate. The police stated that due to a lack of resources it was a difficult thing to police everywhere all the time. The Police also stated that they have 15 Officers and 15 Specials in the area and they do provide a 24hr service.
Cllr Saxby said it would be nice if some Police presence was visible within Brandon. Various other discussions on incidents then took place between councillors and Insp Bennett.

5. Public Forum
Peter Ridgwell - Asked it we could write to SCC to ask for 30mph signs to be erected in
Green Road. Are the trees near the Duke of Wellington Public House subject to a TPO?
Can we have an extra light in St Nicholas walk, the area is very dark. Disabled access to
Post Office very poor, can we write to the owners? Can we write to British Rail asking
for an improved service in Brandon.

6. Report from Mr Laybourne, District Emergency Planning Officer. Mr Laybourne gave an interesting insight into emergency planning.

7. Urgent business
Cllr Vant stated we were meeting in a slum (windows boarded up) and room cold. What are SCC doing?

8. To receive confirm & sign Minutes for Planning Committee 03/09/01.

9. To receive confirm & sign Minutes for Full Council 03/09/01.

10. To receive confirm & sign Minutes for Economic Development Committee. 04/09/01 Approved

11. To receive confirm & sign Minutes for Finance Committee 04/09/01. Approved

12. Matters arising
Cllr Vant - Lingheath - No
Cllr Vant Churchyard, Clerk to write letter

13. To receive and adopt Financial statement, list of accounts paid and list of accounts       to be paid.
For 5, Against 1 (Cllr J S Bourton), 1 Abstention

14. To receive draft schedule of Parish Council Meetings.

15. To amend list of signatories of PC Bank accounts.

16. To receive written reports from District and County Councillors.
Cllr Silvester gave a verbal report.
Cllr Vant sated that he would like to see something he can read.

17. To receive and discuss the Community Development Staffing report from the Keystone Community Partnership.
Cllrs agreed they would like more details.

18. To receive a letter from Mr G A J de Lotbiniere.

19. To receive correspondence from Brandon Remembrance Playing Field in respect of Archaeological dig.
A discussion took place about the content.

20. To receive a report from the Finance Committee on the two grant applications from Brandon Remembrance Playing Field.
Received - No Decision made.

21. To receive an update on the Multi-Ball Court - Thetford Road.
Cllr Saxby said the ground work was poor and we should be very careful. It was agreed with 2 abstentions that we tell the contractor the work was not up to standard, and ask for it to be rectified.

22. To discuss the disposal of the old Photocopier.
Cllr Weetman declared an interest and left the room.
Cllr Vant proposed it be given to the Blue Badge association Seconded Cllr Silvester.
Agreed Unanimously.

23. To consider purchase of local papers.
Cllr Ahern stated that we should take all the local papers.
Cllr Jureko asked how would they be stored?
Cllr Silvester felt there were 2 problems - storage and cost.
Cllr Weetman proposed that we write to the local papers to ask if they would donate them FOC. Seconded Cllr Ahern - 9 for 1 against. Carried

24. To receive an invitation to the Mildenhall Sector Policing Forum.

25. Information for Councillors.

26. To receive and discuss the Cultural Strategy for Suffolk.

27. Resolution 76 from ClIr Vant.
“The council resolves to increase the limit to the spending the Clerk may instigate in an emergency to £2000, this to include the taking of legal advice (amendment to standing order 65c)”
For 7, against 2, abstentions 1 - Carried

28. To discuss the preparation of a book of containing members interests.

The meeting then closed.

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