Minutes of the Full Council Meeting, held at the Community
Centre, Bury Road, Brandon, on Monday 3rd December, 2001,
commencing at 7.00p.m.

Present:    Cllr A Saxby (Chairman), Cllrs Mrs J A Ahern, E Ashley, P Baldwin, Ms S
Bourton (7.10pm), S Edwards (8.15pm), Mrs S Hufton, (7.15pm), Mrs S
Jones-Weetman, Mrs S Jureko, Mrs E Milner, R Silvester (7.10pm), N Vant.

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr A Thorne, Cllr B Weetman.

2.   To suspend Standing Order No.1 to enable the Full Council Meeting to take place at 7.00pm. Proposed Cllr Baldwin. seconded Cllr Jones-Weetman. Carried unanimously.

3.   Declaration of Interest: Cllr N Vant, Cllr Mrs J A Ahern and Cllr A Saxby declared an interest in Item 13(i) and 1 3(ii). Cllr Mrs Jones-Weetman declared an interest in Item 22.

3A.  To receive a Report from RAF Lakenheath. Squadron Leader M Turner would be late.

4.     To receive a Report from the Police.
Inspector Bennett asked members what they required from Suffolk Constabulary attendance at meetings. Members felt that crime figures, clear-up rate, comparative figures with previous years would be helpful. Concern was expressed regarding motorcycles being pushed on footpaths and roads when these were being taken for off-road use. At this point Cllr Baldwin proposed that Item 13 be discussed now. (Use of Chalk Pit for off-road motorcycle use) Agreed. It was decided that the Chairman, Police and Forest Heath hold a meeting to discuss this matter.
Inspector Bennett suggested that members could pass their problems to the Clerk for onward transmission.
Cllr Silvester questioned whether Brandon was policed after 3.00am. Inspector Bennett stated that Brandon, along with all areas in the Sector, were policed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Sector covers Santon Downham to Gazely. He informed the meeting Brandon would have a further beat officer by March 2002.

3A.    Sqdr Leader Turner apologised for his lateness. He invited members to the Base’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Unfortunately, this could not be accepted as the Council’s own ceremony would be taking place at the same time. He reported the Eriswell Road would remain closed for the foreseeable future, at least until March. With regard to traffic congestion the Sqdr Leader informed the meeting that this was being monitored and staggered start times introduced. A change of gate layout was being considered.
Concern was expressed of the safety of the community, with particular reference to the fence surrounding the base. Sqdr Ldr Turner stated that the base was not indicated as a definite target, but took on board the threat perceived by local residents. He would look into ways of allaying these fears.

5.    Public Forum
Proposed: Cllr Vant, seconded: Cllr Mrs S Jureko the meeting be adjourned to allow the Public Forum to take place. CARRIED unanimously.
Mrs Ormrod asked the Council the thank SCC Highways for the work to Pond Lane and The Rookery. She queried the safety of the George Street car park steps. The Vice-Chairman informed the meeting Forest Heath had already been advised of this concern.

Mr Ridgewell queried continued parking on Market Hill. He was informed this was still officially a public highway, the Police are fully aware of the situation and of parking in Stores Street. Traffic Wardens had been requested but there was only one for the whole Sector.

Mr Carter asked for an explanation why a letter dated 2nd November re: The
Orchard project had not been discussed. He was informed the letter had not
been received until 8th November, and could not, therefore, be scheduled for the
Full Council meeting of the 5th November, but would be discussed tonight.

Mr Ridgewell asked of any information regarding the track from the Community
Centre to Knappers Way. He was informed this is a matter for Forest Heath
District Council and Suffolk County Council, who were looking into the matter.

Mr Ridgewell requested a post box be put in the Paddocks. He was advised that this was a Post Office decision, but that the Council would ask that this matter be looked into again.

Date of next Public Forum to be confirmed.

The Chairman re-convened the Council Meeting.

6.    Urgent Business
Christmas Lights: Cllr Ahern informed the meeting the Christmas Tree and lights were to be installed on the 4th December. The “Switch-on” ceremony to take place at 4.15 pm, Friday 7th December. The local schools were providing choirs for carol singing and that Lord and Lady Iveagh had agreed to perform the ceremony. All were invited to attend.

Cllr Ashley had received a complaint of horse manure being thrown on the pathway of Hall Meadow. The Council was informed that this was a Public Right of Way across private land.

7.    To receive, confirm and sign the minutes of the Full Council Meetings of 5th,
12th and 19th November, 2001.
The Minutes of the 19th November, 2001 were received too late for inclusion. These would be presented at the Full Council Meeting in January 2001.
The following correction was agreed to the 5th November Minutes: Item 10 amended to rectify the omission: Brandon Remembrance Playing Fields, £2484.03.

Proposed: Cllr Mrs E Milner, seconded: Cllr S Jureko the minutes of the 5th November be approved. CARRIED: 8 in favour, 2 abstentions.

Proposed Cllr Mrs S Jureko, seconded Cllr Mrs E Milner that the minutes of the 12th November, 2001 be approved. Carried: 8 in favour, 2 abstentions.

7A.    To receive, confirm and sign Staffing & Personnel Committee minutes 12th November, 2001. Proposed Cllr N Vant, seconded, Cllr Mrs S Jureko. Carried unanimously.

7B.    To receive, confirm and sign Finance Committee minutes 12th November,
Proposed Cllr Mrs J Ahern, seconded Cllr Mrs S Jureko. Carried unanimously.

7C.    To receive, confirm and sign Planning Committee minutes 5th November,
Proposed Cllr Mrs S Ahern, seconded Cllr Mrs S Jureko. Carried unanimously.

8.    Matters Arising
Town Sign. Cllr Mrs S Ahern stated that only one quotation had been received to date from BAJCO although three others had been requested. Proposed Cllr Mrs S Ahern, seconded Cllr Baldwin, this matter be put forward to the Precept meeting.

9.    Planning applications - see attached schedule.

10.    To received accounts for payment November, 2001 (see attached schedule). Proposed: Cllr Mrs S Jureko, seconded: Cllr Mrs S Ahern. CARRIED: - 8 in favour, 1 against, 2 abstentions. Cllr Bourton requested it be minuted that she voted against the proposal. Cllr. Silvester queried whether these items had been precepted for. The Chairman responded some were some were not.

11.    To receive Accounts from Thain, Wildbur Rolph. Members were informed that the accounts to 31st March 2001 had already been undertaken by Malcolm Baker. The Chairman pointed out that the current accounts had been instigated by the then Town Clerk as it was felt the previous accounts had been wrong. Cllrs Bourton and Silvester requested it be minuted that they objected to the current accounts. This to be an Agenda item for the January 2002 meeting.

12.    Lingheath Trust. Representation by the Council was discussed. It would appear the only way forward is to go to arbitration via the Home Office Mediation Service MCVO/CETR. Concern was expressed that two persons were incorrectly representing the Council, and had been for some time. It was proposed by Cllr N Vant, seconded Cllr Jones-Weetman to take the matter to arbitration. After discussion Cllr N Vant withdrew his proposal. Proposed Cllr Vant. seconded Cllr Baldwin that cost implications first be sought prior to any arbitration. Carried: 11 in favour, 1 abstention.

13.    To receive correspondence:
(1) & (ii) Cllrs Saxby, Vant & Ahern declared an interest and left the meeting. Vote on temporary Chairman (Cllr Ms S Bourton). Carried 7 in favour, 2 abstentions.
Objection to 1999/2000 Accounts: Mrs Vincent’s submission, compiled by Ashton Graham, received via PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Lengthy discussion took place. Concern was expressed regarding the current situation. Proposed: Cllr R Silvester, seconded: Cllr Mrs S Jureko to request of PriceWaterhouseCoopers the likely outcome and costs involved. CARRIED: 6 in favour, 3 abstentions. Cllrs Saxby, Vant and Ahern returned to the meeting.

(iii) Cllr Hufton declared an interest and left the meeting. Mrs de Lotbiniere complained regarding incidents re: byways and bridlepaths. Proposed Cllr E Milner, seconded Cllr N Vant that Mrs de Lotbiniere’s letter be forwarded to SCC, this information to be forwarded to Mrs de Lotbiniere. Carried unanimously.

(iv) Request for Bus Shelters - Saffron Close. Letter to be sent. Tesco Bus Shelter: panels missing. Ascertain who is responsible for replacement. This to be clarified.

(v) The Orchard: Letter From Mr Carter/Mrs Harwood/Forest Heath District
Council. Mr Carter resigned as Clerk of Works. Letter to be sent to him.
Proposed that three quotes be obtained for this project. Agreed. Letter to be
sent to Mrs Harwood informing her of the current situation.

(vii) Notice of Audit. Cllr Mrs S Ahern informed members an extension had been granted.

(viii) Brandon Cemetery (Town Council’s responsibility) Rev Leach responded that he had no knowledge of restriction regarding margin around church. Council to investigate.

(ix) Footpath 5. Letter from Mr M Carter. The Council was informed that this was the responsibility of SCC. The Council had already responded re: the Enquiry. Letter to be sent to M. Carter informing him of this fact.

(x) Discussed earlier under Item 4 - Police Matters.

(xi) Brandon Remembrance Playing Fields. Letter from FHDC requesting confirmation of precepted amount of £15,000.00. Meeting informed £7,000.00 had already been paid. Proposed: Cllr Baldwin, seconded: Cllr Mr. S Jureko, that Forest Heath District Council be informed the amount already paid and that, it is probably likely, the remainder will be paid providing supporting documents are received. CARRIED: 8 in favour, 1 against, 3 abstentions. Cllr Silvester requested it be minuted that he had abstained.

14.    HM Queens Golden Jubilee
A letter had been received from Mr & Mrs Pocock of Victoria Avenue. Cllr Milner felt their views were constructive and suggested that they be asked to join the Working Party. A further letter had been received that raised no objections provided their entrance was not affected. Cllr Milner proposed a medal be purchased for all children of the town under the age of 11. It was stated approximately 800 would be required at a special rate of £2.95 each. It was hoped sponsorship could be raised to pay for these. Proposed Cllr Mrs J Ahern, seconded Cllr Baldwin these be purchase from reserves. Carried: 9 in favour, 1 against, 2 abstentions. Cllr S Bourton requested it be minuted that she voted against the motion.

15.    Letter of Complaint - Cllr Ms S Bourton.
Councillors had received a copy. Cllr Saxby informed members he had spoken SALC regarding this. Their advice was that although Cllr Mrs Jones-Weetman should have declared an interest, the outcome of the vote would not have been any different, it being 10 in favour with 1 spoilt paper. Cllr Saxby read a letter from Cllr Weetman after which he dissociated himself from its contents. Cllr Saxby apologised to the Council for not pointing out to Cllr Jones-Weetman that she should have declared an interest. Cllrs Milner, Hufton, Ahern and Vant also apologised as they felt that all members present were jointly responsible. Cllr Silvester objected to the matter being dealt with in this manner and felt there was a comparison with Item 13(i). As Cllr Silvester refused to come to order, Cllr Saxby adjourned the meeting at 9.52pm.

The meeting was re-convened at 10.02pm.

On re-convening the meeting, discussion took place regarding the matter in hand and reference made to the Code of Conduct. Cllr Saxby read from the Standing orders and stated that apologies had been received from those present regarding the oversight.

Cllr Saxby informed members that Cllr Weetman was still a councillor.

Cllr Silvester left the meeting at 10.05
Cllr Bourton asked for a copy of the letter from Cllr Weetman and left the meeting at 10.07pm.
Cllr Edwards stated that if the meeting was to be re-convened at another date he would only give a verbal District Councillors report. He left the meeting at 1 0.08pm.

At this point it was suggested that the meeting be adjourned to another date, but Cllr Mrs S Ahern stated that pressing items needed attention and the meeting continued.

20.    Letter from CAB stating £40.00 invoice for locksmith too high. Proposed Cllr Vant, seconded Cllr Mrs S Ahern a further invoice for £40.00 be sent together with a letter. Proposed: Cllr Vant, seconded: Cllr Mrs S Ahern. CARRIED: 8 in favour, 1 abstention.

Received: CAB letter giving one months notice of termination of their lease. It was pointed out that 6 months notice was required and the rooms be put back to their original condition. A letter to be sent informing them of this fact. Proposed Cllr Vant, seconded Cllr Mrs S Jureko. Carried unanimously.

KEYSTONE PARTNERSHIP: A letter requesting £2000.00 per annum for three years. Cllr Mrs S Jones-Weetman resigned as a representative. This matter to be an Agenda item for the January 2002 meeting.

22.    To pass the following Resolution:
“That pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, that the public and press be excluded from the meeting due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed concerning: Staffing Issues. Carried unanimously.

Town Clerk - update


Cllr Mrs S Jones-Weetman declared an interest and left the meeting.


Town Clerk:

The severance of employment of Miss C Rawlings was discussed and arrangements decided.

Temporary Town Clerk to be paid £-.-- per hour, plus travelling expenses from Newmarket.

Cllr Mrs J Ahern reported that Jill Blanchard had waived her fee for minute taking. A letter of thanks to be sent.

Due to the lateness of the hour a continuation meeting was set for 17th December to deal with Item 16 on the Agenda onwards, including outstanding correspondence. Meeting to commence at 7.00pm, venue to be confirmed.

Meeting closed 22.37 hours.



Cross Boundary Application for outline consent for residential development and construction of access, land off Fengate Drove/Brandon Road Brandon. Noise and vibration Impact report. Advised to councillors 19.1 1.2001. Proposed: Cllr. Vant, seconded: Cllr Mrs. J. Ahern Object - Absence of information Ancient Right of Way, Pollution. CARRIED: 10 in favour, 1 abstention.

Replacement of existing ground floor windows with wood effect UPVC doubled glazed windows - MAC Estates, 11 London Road, Brandon. (Conservation Area) Proposed: Cllr. Mrs. E. Milner, seconded: Cllr. Mrs. S. Jureko - no objection. CARRIED: 7 in favour 1 abstention.

Change of Use of Ground Floor to Bowling Alley and Associated Services and First Floor Extensions to Form Bar, Function Room and Leisure Facility, Former Co-op Building, Market Hill, Brandon. Cllr Baldwin declared an interest and left the room. Proposed: Cllr. E. Milner, seconded: Cllr. Mrs. S. Jureko, no objection. CARRIED:
10 in favour, 1 abstention

Installation of Wall-Mounted Antenna at first floor level on front elevation and ground-mounted equipment cabinet in side passageway, 2-4 London Road, Brandon. Proposed: Cllr. Mrs. S. Jureko, seconded: Cllr. Baldwin, no objection. CARRIED: 11 in favour.

Replacement Shopfront Londis Store, 42A Thetford Road, Brandon. Proposed: Cllr. Edwards, seconded: Cllr. Mrs. Jones Weetman, no objection. CARRIED: Unanimous.



Finevale Service Station   Fuel/Accessories                                         £97.97  (inc.VAT)
Pearl Watson                   Clerking Services    w/c 5.11.2001              £64.00
Arco                                Gortex Safety Boots                                 £116.33 (inc. VAT)
TXU Energy Paid DD       Street Lights                                            £929.34  (inc VAT)
BT (FAX/Computer)        Telephone                                                 £95.66   (inc VAT)
BT (Telephone)                Telephone                                               £306.19  (Inc VAT)
Pearl Watson                    Clerking Services w/c 12.11.2001             £84.00  
Pearsons                           Skip                                                          £71.35  (inc VAT)
Cannon                             Photocopier                                              £28.38  (inc VAT)
Pearl Watson                    Clerking Services w/c 19.11.2001             £32.00

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