Minutes of a Full Meeting of Brandon Town Council, held in the Community
Centre, Bury Road Brandon, on Monday 5th November 2001, commencing at

Present: Cllr A Saxby (Chairman), Cllr Mrs S Jureko, Cllr Mrs J Ahern, Cllr P
Baldwin, Cllr R Silvester, Cllr N Vant, Cllr S Edwards, Cllr E Ashley, Cllr A Thorne,
Cllr Mrs S Jones-Weetman, Cllr E Milner, Cllr Mrs S Hufton, Cllr Ms J S Bourton
Public: Two members, PC Keith Grant

1. Apologies: Cllr Weetman, Sqd. Ldr. Turner, Inspector Bennett

2. Declarations of Interest: none

Chairman welcomed Temporary Clerk - Mrs Pearl Watson

The councillors agreed to defer items 11 - 15 for one week.

3. Report from Lakenheath - None

Cllr Silvester proposed a vote of no confidence in the Chairman on the grounds that he had allowed the Council to be brought into disrepute.
After a discussion the proposal was put to the vote and it was requested that councillor’s names should be minuted.

In favour of the proposal: Cllrs Silvester, Edwards and Bourton.

Against the proposal: Cllrs Milner, Hufton, Baldwin, Ahern, Saxby, Jureko, Ashley,
Thorne, Vant, Jones-Weetman.

Proposal Rejected.

4. Suffolk Constabulary Report - PC Keith Grant introduced himself as the new beat officer and reported that there had been 123 reported crimes -27 of which were damage, 16 assault and 41 (motor vehicle theft related). This was seen by the constabulary as a fairly satisfactory situation for the area.
Cllr Ashely said that he was sad that this level of crime was seen to be satisfactory. After a discussion PC Grant was asked if it would be possible for him to report statistics of a “clear-up” rate at a future meeting. PC Grant said that he would try to do this. The Chairman thanked PC Grant for attending. PC Grant left the meeting.

5. Urgent Business - None

6. The handwritten minutes of the Full Council Meeting of 1st October 2001 were brought to the Council’s attention as an “aide memoire”.

7. Minutes - Staffing & Personnel Committee of 22nd October 2001 — The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting following a proposal by Cllr Mrs Jureko and seconded by Cllr Thorne. Unanimous.

8. Minutes - Finance Committee of 22nd October 2001 — the minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting following a proposal by Cllr Vant and seconded by Cllr Ahern. In favour - unanimous.

9. Matters Arising - Item 7 Staffing & Personnel - Cllr Ahern referred to item 3 paragraph 4 and stated that Mr Briston was not off sick all week - just two days. Staff Appraisals - second paragraph - Mr Briston and Mr Clemens have received copies and have no problems with the appraisals.
No matters arising from Finance Committee Meeting.

10. To Receive Accounts for Payment -
The Open Spaces Invoice has been paid.
Electricity Bill £13.14 Caretaker’s Store - Arco Sales Invoice £54.27 inc. V.A.T
(spirit level and two jackets)
Electricity bill - Christmas Lights - £12.06
Electricity Bill - Old School house - £104.79
Cllr Mrs Jureko proposed that the accounts should be paid, seconded by Cllr Thorne.
In favour eleven, two against (Cllr Ms Bourton wished to be minuted as against).

16. Christmas Lights - To date one quote had been received. Cllr Mrs Ahern informed the meeting that the licence can be delayed for one week. Cllr Ms Bourton proposed that the matter be deferred for one week in order to receive further quotes, possibly local, seconded Cllr Silvester. In favour - unanimous.

5. Public and Press to be excluded under Local Government Act 1972
SALC County Secretary Mrs Mary Mitson-Woods joined the meeting at 8.00pm to advise the Council with regard to the absence (through sick leave) of the Brandon Town Council Clerk.
After discussing the matter at length, a proposal was made by Cllr Mrs Jureko, seconded Cllr Hufton, to write to the clerk (see attached letter). Ten councillors in favour of the proposal and three against.
Proposed by Cllr Mrs Ahern that Mr K Briston brings the burial records up to date, seconded Cllr Silvester. In favour - unanimous.
Proposed by Cllr Vant that Cllrs Thorne, Ahern and Hufton continue to man the office on a rota basis, seconded by Cllr Mrs Jureko. In favour - unaimous. Proposed by Cllr Mrs Ahern that the temporary clerk should be paid £-.-- per hour plus travelling expenses, seconded Cllr Thorne. Majority in favour - Cllr Ms Bourton abstained on the grounds of the Council’s financial situation.

The Council was unanimous in its thanks to Mrs Mary Mitson-Woods for kindly attending the meeting at short notice and for her advice.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10 pm

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