13 May 2002

The Annual Town Meeting was held in the Community Centre, Bury Road, Brandon on Monday 13 May 2002 at 6.00 pm

Cllrs A P Saxby (in the Chair); Mrs J A Ahern, P S Baldwin (left at 6:45 p.m.), Ms J S Bourton (at 6:18 p.m.), Mrs S M Jones-Weetman, Mrs S Jureko, Mrs E Milner (left at 6:20 p.m.) and N A Vant.

Local Government Electors of the Parish of Brandon:
L Palmer, P R Ridgwell, Mrs B Burke, V Lukaniuk, Mrs A Vant, Mrs I Press, A Grass, J Jureko, G Pearson, T Fowler, P MacLoughlin; all eligible to speak and vote on proposals.

1. Apologies for absence
 Cllrs Ms J S Bourton (but arrived 6:18 p.m.), S J Edwards and A Thorne.

2.To approve the minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on 02 April 2001.
The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 02 April 2001 were received, approved and signed.  Proposed : Cllr P S Baldwin; seconded : Cllr Mrs E Milner; CARRIED : unanimous.  Resolution Record No. ATM01/13/May/02 : THAT THE MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING HELD ON MONDAY 02 APRIL 2001 BE RECEIVED, APPROVED AND SIGNED AS A CORRECT RECORD.

3.Chairman’s Annual Report
The Chairman read out his report on the past year (copy appended hereto).

4. To receive reports from Charities: The Brandon Poors Estate : The Edmund Atmere Charity : The Lingheath Trust Charity.
Adjourned to next Meeting pending receipt of further reports.
5. To discuss any other matters affecting the Parish of Brandon.

(a) Mr Lukaniuk expressed his concerns regarding the proposed permanent closure of Lords Walk and considered this to be the annexation of a public road by the Military.  He suggested that Brandon Town Council should become involved in this issue to try to prevent the public being ignored.  Mrs Press agreed and stated that many accidents had occurred since the temporary closure.  Cllr Vant felt that the “Security Card” would be played.  Mr Palmer wondered where the line would be drawn.  Proposed : Cllr Saxby (from the Chair); seconded : Cllr Vant; CARRIED : unanimous.  Resolution Record No. ATM02/13/May/02 : THAT A PUBLIC MEETING BE CALLED TO DISCUSS THE ISSUE OF PROPOSED PERMANENT CLOSURE OF LORDS WALK AND TO INVOLVE THE MP, RICHARD SPRING, AND REPRESENTATIVES OF SCC, FHDC, USAF, MoD AND BTC.

(b) Mr Lukaniuk expressed his concerns regarding the frequency of tipper trucks driving in convoys through Brandon en route to landfill sites.  HGV lorries were proving to be an increasing problem in Brandon High Street particularly. Cllr Vant explained that the landfill sites were outside the Brandon parish area and so any planning applications would not come to Brandon Town Council.

(c) Mr Fowler queried progress on the New Cemetery situation and queried rumours that the area had been designated for residential planning in the FHDC Plan.  Cllr Saxby had investigated this rumour at FHDC and it had been a mistake on its part.  Concern was expressed that Manor Road must be safe for children to walk down.  Cllr Saxby advised that there would be some off-road parking factored into any New Cemetery plans.  Cycle tracks were suggested in town and through the forest.  Cllr Saxby felt care should be exercised because of the number of HGV lorries in Brandon.

(d) (i) Mr Ridgwell said that he had brought up the question of cycle ways some time before.  (d) (ii) He wondered if any rules applied to plane-spotting around USAF Bases in the UK in light of the problems encountered by local residents so doing in Greece.  (d) (iii) He queried drivers parking on Market Hill, about which he had spoken to the Police.  He felt that bollards might have to be introduced on Market Hill.  Cllr Vant advised that Market Hill is still designated a Highway so the Police cannot take action.  Cllr Saxby had a document outlining restrictions on parking on Market Hill, a copy of which he would give to the Police.  Cllr Mrs Jones-Weetman noted that most of the Councillors had brought this matter to the attention of the Police at some time. 

(e) Mr Fowler had noticed an increase for the Police on his Council Tax bill and wondered if this would mean increased policing for Brandon.

(f) Mr Ridgwell felt double yellow lines should be painted to prevent parking outside Mac’s Estate Agents in London Road.  It was agreed that Brandon Town Council should write to SCC Highways in this regard.

(g) Concern was expressed at the number of new houses being built, both individually and in small developments, where the conditions of planning applications granted which appertained to frontage and roadways did not appear to be enforced thereafter.  Proposed : Cllr Mrs Ahern; seconded : Cllr Mrs Jones-Weetman; CARRIED : unanimous.  Resolution Record No. ATM03/13/May/02 : THAT BRANDON TOWN COUNCIL WRITES TO FOREST HEATH DISTRICT COUNCIL TO REQUEST THE SUBSEQUENT ENFORCEMENT OF ALL CONDITIONS OF PLANNING APPLICATIONS.

(h)  Mr Fowler noted that HIAM’s Tractors were causing a great deal of trouble on the roads by travelling at very slow speeds for considerable distances along the A1065.  Cllr Vant explained that the Laws on agricultural vehicles state that they are permitted to cover 15 miles per day on public roads.

(i) Mr Ridgwell asked, in relation to the proposed plans for the Brandon Healthy Living Centre, if Brandon Town Council would request that the Doctor’s and Dentist’s Surgeries be placed on the ground floor of the building and not on the first floor.  Cllr Saxby responded that this had already been noted to the Suffolk Property Review.

Meeting closed at 7:45 p.m.

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